World Energy Resources Corporation was incorporated in 1986 with the express purpose of encouraging and promoting the use of “state-of-the-art” energy-saving products to reduce electrical energy consumption in the community.  In the course of business, we market, supply and install high quality energy efficient lighting products, based on an energy audit.  The products chosen for a particular client are those, which we believe, will best result in a significant reduction in energy consumption at a cost-efficient price.

            World Energy Resources Corporation also acts as a consultant on many aspects of the lighting industry throughout the United States.  WERC also acts as a consultant for other energy efficient product applications such as occupancy sensors.  In the State of Texas, WERC is doing business as “Scotopic Lighting, Inc.” 


            1.2.1   LEGAL

            World Energy Resources Corporation was originally incorporated under the laws of Hawaii on February 7, 1986.  WERC moved its corporate structure to Nevada in 2000.   


            1.2.2 FUNCTIONAL

             In 1993, operations were expanded to the U.S. Mainland and regional bases were established in Las Vegas, Kansas City and New Jersey.  At the end of 2000, Hawaiian installation and service operations were sold and the Corporation moved its Administrative Offices to Carson City, Nevada.  Today, all Mainland activities are organized and managed by the President and CEO, Rudy Conrad out of regional offices in Houston, Texas. All administrative functions are out-sourced and performed in the Administrative Offices under the direction of Jan Burud.

1.3        KEY PERSONNEL

            D. B. RUDY CONRAD – President and CEO.  Rudy has been with World Energy Resources Corporation in a management capacity since the company’s incorporation.  His background includes business consulting and ownership in various businesses.  Rudy is currently in charge of all U.S. Mainland operations and is responsible for its successful expansion.  To date, WERC has successfully completed or caused others to complete upwards of $40 million in Energy Services’ construction.  Annual energy savings from construction is presently in excess of $20 million.

            GLENN BURUD – Electrical license holder in Nevada, California, Texas, Colorado and additional states as required.  He is in charge of safety and electrical quality standards on all projects throughout the continental USA.

             Certifications:     ICC    -    Commercial Electrical Inspector

                                      IAEI   -    Master Electrical Inspector

                                      IAEI/NCPCCI  -   Commercial Electrical Inspector, General

                                      Energy Management - University of Nevada, Reno

1.4        MEMBERSHIPS AND AWARDS        

            HO’OULU AWARD - Received recognition as Number 2 of 50 Hawaii-based fastest growing small businesses in June, 1996; and again, as Number 16 of the “Fastest 50” in June, 1997.

            EXCELLENCE IN CONSTRUCTION AWARD – Won its category (Electrical, over $100,000) Received in October 1998 for the University of Hawaii at Hilo, Hawaii Community College project.

            EXCELLENCE IN CONSTRUCTION AWARD – Won its category (Electrical, under $1,000,000) Received in October 1999 for the Hawaii Health Systems Corporation project.


            2.0        FINANCIAL RELATIONSHIPS

             World Energy Resources Corporation maintains a strong credit rating with all of its vendors.  Although it finances most of its planned growth through cash flow, it has a line of credit at the Bank of the West and Wells Fargo Bank. 

            World Energy Resources Corporation carries $2 million commercial general liability insurance, $1 million commercial automobile liability insurance, as well as $3 million in excess liability. 


3.0        REFERENCES


            The company’s success can largely be attributed to its philosophy of contracting on the basis of what is in our clients’ best long-term interest, rather than “lowest first cost” which often proves to   be more expensive over time.  We have developed a high degree of experience and flexibility with   our lighting retrofit engineering strategies, providing what is needed to get the job completed effectively.   The accompanying list of completed contracts will provide insight as to the nature and scope of our operations.